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Advertise for your events, venues, websites, music, and videos on Hiphop, to Urban Pop and UK Drill, welcoming music and media from all over the globe to create our unique brand of urban culture. We accept flyers, cover art, and select media widgets i.e. Soundcloud, Youtube, Apple Music. Sponsored placements range from Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond packages.

As an independent hiphop artist, promoting music is a full time job. When visitors come to our site, they are looking for the latest in independent hiphop and urban media. We bring a unique perspective to urban media, and we use our platform to benefit the independent urban artist.

The biggest obstacle as an independent hiphop artist when promoting your music is limited reach. Our goal and promotional practices are aimed towards giving independent artists a boost in visibility, as well as added reach. We achieve this goal using three key tools.

The first and most visible, is through web impressions. Every time your ad or media is fetched and displayed on our site, that's counted as a web impression. This is done using banners and widgets, putting your content right in front of a large audience. Better placement, higher impressions.

Our second tool is social media. Social media is the biggets thing on the web today and we take full advantage of these online communities. We regularly post and update our social media networks keeping our followers engaged and informed about new content. Media uploaded to will be shared across our social media networks.

The third and most important is our ad campaigns and event sponsorships. We are very active in the promotion of our brand. Our ad campaigns include local TV/radio as well as Google and facebook. We also sponsor a wide range of events, hiphop shows to fashion and car shows.

Take advantage of our free promo, or be more assertive and launch a promo campaign with sponsored placement. Large or small, we have a package to fit any budget.

How To Promote My Music Online

There are three essential areas of fucus when promoting your music online. Web impressions, these are the views of your online ads and media embeds. Social media engagement, allows fans to interact with you and your content on social networks. Content delivery, use tools like Apple Music and trusted independent media sites that offer reliable downloads of your content. Focus on your ability, visibility, accessibility, reliability.

Visibility - Web Impressions, Music Blogs, Media Sites. Music blogs and independent media sites are the engines that drive the online music communitiy. Web placements on multiple websites and blogs like will give you the visibility needed to grow in relevancy. Stand out, make it easy for new fans to find and purchase your music and merch.

Accessibility - Social Media Engagement, and Social Media Following. Create social media accounts ie. Facebook, Twitter to give your fans a place to connect with you. Use social media to promote and share new content giving your fans access. Music and videos uploaded to yungcity are optimized for sharing on social media, providing you with easily shareable content.

Reliability - Content Delivery, Sales, and Email Marketing. Music blogs and websites can help you get your content directly to fans. Established websites such as gives you the option to offer free digital downloads, or sell your music on-site with Apple Music. Email marketing helps to keep in contact with fans and drive sales.

Free Web Placement

Become a contributing artist or promoter. Upload songs ands videos for free. The most important factor for an independent artist is visibility. As a contributor your content will be uploaded to and available to the world for streaming and sharing. All contributions will be reviewed, and those accepted will be available for srteaming within 24 hours.

Social media share buttons located on all media pages can help to increase views and web impressions. Links to your content will be posted throughout our social media networks helping our users find new content. Follow us below to see your content on yungcity social feeds.

Sponsored Web Placement

Sponsored placements will give your content higher visibility and more web impressions using banners and sidebar widgets. There are two types of banner placement options, Header Banners and Post Banners.

Header banners - Most effective, are placed at the top right hand corner of the page, just above the navigation menu. Header Banners give you an advantage in visibility because it has the largest placement real estate and will be displayed on every page. These banners also work well in conjunction with a Sidebar placement or Post Banner.

Post Banners - Roughly half the size of Header Banners and the most affordable option. Placement is located (only) on media pages, and placed directly under the content area on the left side of the page. See example below.

Sidebar Widgets - like Header Banners are also shown on every page and placement is located on the sidebar under our social media counter. The sidebar gives you the advantage of adding media to boost sales or downloads. In addition to media, sidebar placement is perfect for flyers and other promo material.

Diamond - Header Banners + Post Banners or Sidebar

  • $55 - [7 Days]
  • $70 - [14 Days]
  • $85 - [21 Days]
  • $105 - [30 Days]

Platinum - Header Banners

  • $40 - [7 Days]
  • $50 - [14 Days]
  • $65 - [21 Days]
  • $80 - [30 Days]

Gold - Sidebar Widget

  • $25 - [7 Days]
  • $40 - [14 Days]
  • $55 - [21 Days]
  • $70 - [30 Days]

Silver - Post Banners

  • $15 - [7 Days]
  • $25 - [14 Days]
  • $35 - [21 Days]
  • $45 - [30 Days]

How To Sell My Music Online

Featured Mixtapes (Coming Soon)

Debut your new mixtape with the promo you need to reach new fans and untapped markets. Featured mixtapes will be displayed on the top of our front page (Home Page) for a limited time, this helps you to stand out and gives new listeners easy access to your music.

All featured/sponsored mixtapes will be promoted regularly throughout our social media accounts to thousands of users for up to 30 days. Feature your project on and create the buzz and visibility needed for a more successful project.