• Added: 10/19/20

  • Genre: Hiphop/Rap

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Prod. by Big H Da Great Directed By: Trap Cult Media

Instagram : @thedemons215 @9deezbvby @jus.leem @bighdagreat @Shells456

Original creative piece of work by the name of “Cash Rules” which consist of a grimy trunk banging vibe on production that was created by in-house producer Big H Da Great with hardcore lyricisim and a catchy hook as well as catchy flows. As a group we’ve taken a bit of a hiatus to work on our craft, business, and merchandise and it’s about that time for Demon$ to resurface. We also have a new video releasing soon for “BSOTK” Ft. Rich The Kid. The Demon$ are a Hip Hop Duo from the northern section of Philadelphia that is on the rise. They’re music showcase they’re hellish flows, dope beat selection, Vicious rhyme schemes.Growing up in the North Philadelphia area with inspirations from native groups Ram Squad, Major Figgas , & State Property The Demon$ have still managed to bring their own style to Hip hop while paying homage to those that paved the way.

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